Trend watch: Silver and Chrome

With 2018 almost over (ohmygosh we know!) we are keeping a close eye on popular wedding and event trends that will make an appearance in 2019. One of those trends? Silver and chrome. More and more couples are using silver and chrome in their color palettes and their decor for their weddings. We love the “cool” tone this brings to the atmosphere and just how easily it pairs with EVERY other color out there.

Check out some pictures from weddings and events we’ve helped with that showcase our point:

View More:
Angela Lally Photography
Jerry Hayes Photography
Evita and Jovan Wedding Pictures Completed-29 (1)
Tony & Elena Smith Photography
Haley + Andrew Wedding117HIi
Haley Rynn Ringo
Ladybird Studios
Jerry Hayes Photography

See what we mean? No matter the season or the color palette, you can’t go wrong with silver and chrome!

Need more inspiration? Check out our pinterest board dedicated just to this trend!

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