Trend watch: orange is the new black

Recently, and perhaps that is because it is October and fall feelings are in full swing, we have been seeing a lot more orange in weddings and events. Couples are replacing pinks with oranges and we are loving it! Whether it is your main color or one of your accent colors, there are so many different shades of orange to use,  you can’t go wrong.

Colors like burnt orange, terracotta, copper and tangerine are perfect orange tones if you are wanting to add some warmth to your event.

Colors like peach, apricot, true orange and coral are perfect if you want to add some coolness or lighten up your event.

Regardless of which color route you choose, orange pairs well and compliments an array of colors, while also adding a pop to others.

Need to see what we mean? We understand. Check out some images of weddings and events we’ve been able to play a hand in below for your orange inspiration:

0030_Brio Photography (1)

Brio Weddings

View More:

France Photographers


High Beam


High Beam


Gourmet Gals


Lisa Hause Photography


Jerry Hayes Photography

Two Pair Photography

Two Pair Photography

Springdale Station - Grand Opening - 013

AzulOx Visuals


Rebel with a Camera


Jerry Hayes Photography

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