Trend watch: Engagement Moon

With more and more couples paying for at least a portion of their wedding day, if not all of it themselves, less couples are turning toward the “traditional” honeymoon. What we mean by traditional honeymoon is this- picture it if you will…

It is the night of the wedding. The couple has said their “I do’s,” danced their last dance and been sent off by their friends and family. They hop in their getaway car and head straight to the airport (or a hotel or where ever they will sleep) and jet off on their honeymoon.

This just isn’t happening as much as it used to. Couples these days are footing the bill for at least a portion of their wedding day, and because of that, are pushing their honeymoons back. Or the trend most recently? Pushing them UP!

That’s right. Couples know going into  wedding planning that it can be expensive to have your dream wedding. Instead of paying for a wedding and a honeymoon at the same time, couples are opting for an engagement moon, and we have to admit, it’s quite genius.

Think about it….. Before you get into the planning and stress and check writing that often comes along with wedding planning, you take a trip with your brand new fiance(e). You get to celebrate one of the most exciting times of your lives by getting away just the two of you (or you could even make it a group thing, if you’d rather more people join in on your love celebration!).

Whether you decide to go on a trip right after your wedding, months after your wedding or you opt for the new engagement moon, we think going some place (or even doing a stay-cation) with you and your honey is a great way to celebrate this next step in your lives. You certainly won’t regret spending that time together before (or after) the madness of wedding planning!

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