Trend watch: low florals

We’re back with another trend watch! We’ve been keeping our eyes and ears open to see what will be popular among couples and event holders for 2019 and we’ve come up with a trend that’s been very popular this year and won’t be going anywhere come the new year. And we’re okay with it because this is one of our favorite trends for a number of reasons.

What is it, you might be asking? Low florals and floral table runners. This has been popular this year and we’ve just loved all of the different ways couples have incorporated this into their big day.

The perk of doing low florals or a floral table runner? Your guests will be able to see each other from across the table. These lower centerpiece trends mean no more dodging and bobbing when trying to speak with someone who is across from you at your table, yay!

We also love how this looks on long tables with the floral runners going all the way across. It gives the illusion of one big table that goes on for miles.

Not sure what we mean? Here are a few pictures from weddings and events that have low centerpieces or floral table runners:

florals-rentals-schaffer-5 (2)
Michael Schaffer Photography, Bouquets of Austin/ Stems Floral

For this set up at The Winfield Inn, the Winfield team designed a table that had a woodsy vibe. They used a wood table with our Madeline chair and wood chargers. They opted for a clean and classic look with the greenery and white flowers sprinkled in. The green napkins complimented this perfectly and really helped to give an earthy vibe to the table.

Pamela Hults Photography, Exquisite Petals

This couple opted for a gold, white and green look. Their green floral runner on some of the tables, and tall centerpieces on others, with classic candles in votives gave an incredibly fresh and romantic feel to this wedding.

Haley + Andrew Wedding106HIi
Haley Rynn Ringo Photography, Wildly Cultivated Florals

This couple opted for low sitting centerpieces on their banquet tables. They brought in deep reds that complimented both the wood tones of our beechwood chairs and the walls of Barr Mansion. These centerpieces are a perfect height for conversation and sight to continue flowing without any issues for guests.

High Beam Events

This image was taken from a styled shoot that we partnered with High Beam Events for. They designed the table and opted for a floral garland on their banquet table. The flowers in the floral runner both complimented and contrasted the orange and purple used as the main color for the table. We loved this fall set up and how the candles brought in height to the table without blocking the views of guests.

Jerry Hayes, The Flower Girl/ Stems Floral 

This couple opted for the floral runner feel for their sweetheart table and we LOVE it. Doing this, especially for a head table or sweetheart table (whatever you decide to do) keeps the centerpieces from blocking the couple. Because let’s be real, everyone who is there is there to gush, ooo and ahhh over the newlyweds. The last thing you want is a massive centerpiece that blocks you from all of your guests. Or maybe it is what you want, we’re not here to judge :p.

Jerry Hayes Photography, Clementine Botanical Art

For this event, they opted for all black table top and pops of green with the low centerpieces. They used several rows of long tables, as this was a big fundraising event, so they wanted to be sure guests could socialize with each other. We loved the simplicity and cleanness of this whole look.

Two Pair Photography
Two Pair Photography

This couple opted for a boho look with their succulent centerpieces. These centerpieces were all low as well and strategically placed along their banquet tables. We loved the color pop from the terracotta pots and the southern feel the succulents brought to the overall look of this wedding.

Want even more low centerpiece and floral table runner inspiration? We’ve got you covered. Head on over to our pinterest page to see more of what you can do with this trend!

Whatever you decide to do, look-wise and color-wise with this floral trend, will be beautiful and unique because it is your day and your vision, and we just can’t wait to see!

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