The sweet life: dessert displays

Because today is National Doughnut Day (did you know?), we decided to focus on the sweeter side of things: dessert displays. Couples these days are doing more and more for their dessert options than just your classic cake. From doughnut walls, to candy bars, to a mix of all of the couples favorites, there are so many different sweets to choose from for your big day, and even more ways to display them creatively!

So where do you even begin? Start with your favorite. Is it cupcakes? Pies? Hershey’s Kisses? What about your partners? Do they have a favorite dessert that is the same or different than yours? Is there a way to incorporate both of them into your big day? Or maybe you want to go the classic route with a “his and hers” (or his and his/ hers and hers) cake. We can never get enough cake and love this classic route too.

Once you’ve figured out the dessert(s) you want to focus on and serve, you can begin brainstorming ways to display it/them. If you’re going a cake route, you could dress up a cake table or even suspend the cake on a swing(!).

If you’re doing cupcakes, how about different cupcake stands that match your theme? If you’re doing doughnuts, how about a doughnut wall? Or perhaps you’re doing something completely different than all of these- we’re all about that!

Need some inspiration to get your sweet, creative juices flowing? Check out some images of weddings and events we’ve helped out with with different dessert displays:

Jerry Hayes Photography; The Cake Plate

This party opted for a little bit of everything for their dessert table. When you can’t choose what sweet to serve, and want to appeal to everyone’s taste buds, this is the way to go.

And is it just us…. or would anyone else take one of literally everything?

Addison Jones Photography; Tiny Pies
Addison Jones Photography; Tiny Pies

This couple opted for Tiny Pies instead of a cake or cupcakes. These tiny pies are just so dang cute and are the perfect size for a sweet little nibble. You can get them in a variety of different flavors to appeal to your and your honey’s sweet tooth.

Jerry Hayes Photography; Simon Lee Bakery

For this ten year anniversary, the couple opted for a few different options for their guests, with a traditional French cake serving as the dessert displays focal point.

Driskill (36 of 46) (1)
Jerry Hayes Photography; Polkadots

For this wedding showcase, the designers chose a doughnut display with doughnuts that matched the wedding table’s colors.

Haley + Andrew Wedding126HIi
Haley Rynn Ringo Photography; Michelle’s Patisserie

This couple decided on a mix of the classic cake with a unique take on the dessert display. There’s nothing better than the cake cutting, is there? This couple got the best of both worlds with their beautiful tiered cake as well as some other sweets for guests to nibble on, if they’re not the biggest cake fans.

Lady in Red-1946
Rachael Hall Photography; Westwood Country Club

These desserts were made for a party we hosted themed “Lady in Red.” Because red was the leading color for the evening, Westwood Country Club’s chef created various red desserts for guests to sample. We love desserts that play into a color or theme!

Jerry Hayes Photography; Simon Lee Bakery
Jerry Hayes Photography; Simon Lee Bakery

This couple decided they wanted their “classic” tiered cake to stand alone. They created the most beautiful set up for the cake with draping, a sequin linen and flowers that matched the rest of the wedding.

For their groom’s cake, they opted for a cake that would excite any Longhorn fan. To accompany the UT Tower cake, they offered popcorn and other small sweets for their guests. Thank goodness they had some other options, because we really wouldn’t want to cut into either of these cakes!

Jerry Hayes Photography; Polkadots
Jerry Hayes Photography; Polkadots

We shot this dessert set up for a dessert styled shoot to feature one of our new cupcake stands. For this dessert display, we opted to display various petit fours on our brown cupcake tree. Let’s just say we’re looking to do more of these dessert styled shoots because those leftovers were the BOMB.

PremiereDesserts-19 (2)
Jerry Hayes Photography; Root Cellar Bakery
Jerry Hayes Photography; Root Cellar Bakery

This dessert display took the rose gold glam to a whole new level. Root Cellar Bakery made truffles, cupcakes, cake, popsicle-styled cake pops, among other things. We love that the modern, rose gold theme was carried throughout the entire display.


Need even more dessert inspiration? Grab a tub of ice cream to fill that sweet void and head on over to our Pinterest page for more!

Feeling inspired? We want to see what you come up with! Share your pictures with us of what you’ve done or what you’re going to do for your dessert display!


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