Trend watch: greenery

2018 has proven popular for greenery at weddings and our guess is, 2019 will be no different. This is one trend that will be sticking around well into the new year and we are definitely here for that!

Whether you opt for a table runner of greenery, hanging greenery, greenery in vases or a combination of any of these (have we said greenery enough yet…?), it will definitely be beautiful. The versatility and simplicity of this trend is our favorite. It can go with just about any theme and color scheme.

Wondering how you might be able to work greenery into your next event’s decor? We’ve included some pictures from weddings and events we’ve been a part of that used greenery in various ways. Check them out!

© Jenny DeMarco Photography
Jenny DeMarco Photography

This couple opted for low-laying greenery on their round tables and high-standing greenery in vases across their long table. We love how the couple took the greenery and created different levels with it throughout the room, and added in some white flowers and colored leaves to add more color to the room.

The vases they used for the greenery on the banquet table also allows for guests sitting across the table to see and interact with each other. Definitely something to keep in mind if you are thinking about a look like this!

florals-rentals-schaffer-4 (1) (2)
Michael Schaffer Photography

The designers of this table set up opted for a single lush, green table runner on their farm table. The greenery they chose is simple and perfect for a summer wedding. They added in touches of white and ivory flowers to compliment the white china and ivory chair pads. You could do something exactly like this for a single farm table, or multiple, and have the runner go across all of them. If your colors aren’t white, perhaps think about adding in a touch of whatever your colors are- pinks, purples, oranges, etc. The options are endless with this timeless look!

G2470 (1)
Pamela Hults Photography

For this wedding, the couple decided they wanted to do a mix of the hanging floral look and the table runner with their greenery. Their “hanging” florals are placed in tall vases that don’t obstruct guests’ views from each other or the room. The gold vases matched the gold chargers on the tables perfectly. The greenery on the table went across the length of the table and down each of the sides. They added in candles that were also used on their round tables for a romantic and cohesive look throughout.

Haley + Andrew Wedding096HIi
Haley Rynn Ringo Photography

This couple opted for a hanging floral installation for their wedding. The hanging florals matched the centerpieces that were used on each of the guest tables. Doing a hanging install like this would be the perfect touch for over the dance floor or even over the sweetheart table, if your venue allows it. We love the simplicity of this look and how it draws your attention upward.

Jerry Hayes Photography

This couple also opted for hanging greenery and greenery as a runner on their head table. They decided to use the hanging greenery and flower combo as their ceremony back drop and then had it double as their head table back drop. Talk about a wow factor for both… and the Instagram photos must have been amazing for this! They complimented the greenery on the perpendicular guest tables with centerpieces that matched the head table’s, just on a smaller scale.

SMS Photography

For the head table, this couple decided to do a simple runner with vases of flowers mixed throughout that matched their wedding colors. For their guest tables, they did a simple bouquet in the middle that mixed the two of these styles (greenery + flowers) together for a cohesive look throughout the reception. Aren’t the soft pinks a nice touch with the greenery?

Rachel Driskell Photography

The goal of this set up was moody with a pop of color. Safe to say, they nailed it, right?! They used simple greenery on the bar, with touches of color throughout and black candles and votives to bring in the “moody” feel.


These are just a few examples, and as you can see, they each have used greenery in a slightly different way for their wedding / event. However you decide to include it in yours, it will be stunning, we just know it!

Need more inspiration? We understand. Head on over to our Pinterest page where you’ll find a ton more! Planning to use greenery or already have? We want to see, send us all of your pics!

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