Hanukkah Inspiration

Happy December, friends! How are we already a few days in?!

With the start of December comes the myriad of holidays that are quickly approaching OR already here! Are you in as much of a holiday spirit as we are this year?

You may or may not know that Hanukkah began at sundown last night. We decided, since we are in the swing of it, that we’d share our Hanukkah table inspiration with you to get you ready for the next 7 days of celebration!


Check out some images below taken by Jerry Hayes Photography at Mercury Hall. The Flower Studio provided the centerpiece and we (of course) did the rentals.


We decided to go with a turquoise and silver look for this year’s Hanukkah table. We thought this was a nice twist to the “traditional blue”, which is more of a royal blue.


The linen we used was a turquoise vortex sequin. It’s a sheer linen so we used a shantung turquoise linen underneath to really bring the turquoise color through. We paired the tablecloth with silver chiavari chairs with a white pad (because who doesn’t like a little more cushion for their tush, especially during the holidays?!).


We decided to bring the glitz and sparkle up from the linen to the tabletop items by using our silver beaded chargers. These complimented and brought out the sequins perfectly! The silver rim dinner plate was the perfect addition for china because it tied in the silver from the chairs, and paired nicely with the chargers and goddess flatware. To add to the elegant feel of the table, we used our pure stemware.

The Flower Studio created this gorgeous centerpiece! It really brought the table together, we think. Elegant, understated and incredibly lovely, don’t you think?


To finish the look, we used satin turquoise napkins adorned in a square lucite napkin ring. We just love how the clear look of the lucite napkin ring really tied in the glassware and the chargers!

But wait… there’s more! Need a little cocktail inspiration? We don’t just offer decor inspiration, we can also help with that. We found one cocktail we loved the look of, made it, and loved the taste even more! Check out this recipe for a Blue Martini cocktail that will surely wow your guests over and over again!


Shalom and happy Hanukkah, y’all! We hope this has helped inspire you for any and all of your upcoming Hanukkah festivities!

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