Christmas Inspiration

Did you know that Christmas is 15 days away? You probably did. But in case you didn’t, Christmas is 15 DAYS AWAY! If you’re like us, you may be wondering how you’re going to put a table together for a festive meal and get all of the shopping finished in these next two weeks…

Well, rest easy, we are here to help with the table portion of your dilemma! We put together a styled shoot for your Christmas inspiration and are going to share it with you so you have one less thing on your to-do list. Consider it our Christmas gift to you!

Check out the images below taken by Jerry Hayes Photography at Mercury Hall with The Flower Studio:


For our Christmas table, we decided to go with a classic red, silver and gold look. We started with an apple red sequin linen and silver chiavari chairs.


We just love how the sequin linen picks up the light. Whether you are having your get together during the day or evening, it will pick up the natural sunlight or a candlelight glow to add some “sparkly romance” to your gathering!


The Flower Studio knocked this centerpiece out of the park! A mix of red roses and gold ornaments were the perfect addition to this table, and also tied in the classic colors we used perfectly!


Isn’t it perfect and so unique? We just love the way their design.


To add to the classic coloring, we used both a gold satin napkin and a silver matte satin napkin at each place setting. We alternated the napkin display between placing them on the charger and placing them in the wine glass. Alternating the napkins in such a way added a little fun feeling to the table and kept it from having such a uniform, “cookie cutter” design.


We decided to bring the sparkle up on our Christmas table by using our silver glitter charger. Color us biased, but we just love this charger and the sparkle it adds to any tabletop on which it’s used!

We also used a lucite napkin ring on those napkins we had placed atop the charger, which was a nice, elegant touch. Our gold capri flatware were the perfect modern, gold addition to this festive table!


For the glassware, we used the pure wine glass and the pure champagne flute. We love the teardrop shape of this glassware line and the elegance it adds to any tabletop! And, what’s even better about the pure glassware, is that there is a glass for just about any beverage you want to serve!


Feeling better about your tabletop design? Good. We had hoped this would help. Now, mentally moving on to what you might serve your guests? Well, we’ve got some ideas here too, but if we give you those, we want an invite… Joking. (Sort of.)

We did find the perfect holiday cocktail for you to serve your guests, though! Check out this recipe for a Moscow Reindeer (fun name, right!?). We taste-tested it as well, so rest easy on that. If you like a Moscow Mule, you’ll like this bad boy. And doesn’t it look darling in our copper mug!?


Now that you have all of our holiday planning tips and secrets, you should have no trouble getting started! And quick, because Santa will be here before we know it!

Let us be among the first to say, “happy holidays” to you and yours. Whatever you end up doing for the season, it will be time well spent around friends, family and loved ones.


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