Trend watch: bye, bye strict color palettes

New year, new wedding trends! We’re back at it today with our first post of 2019! Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday we were blogging away about Pantone’s color of the year last year. (Stay tuned for our take on this year’s color choice…. Which in case you haven’t heard, is living coral.)

Today, we are focusing on a fun and colorful wedding trend for 2019. Couples these days are less “traditional” and seem to be finding more and more ways to make their wedding days even more personal and specific to them, their style and their relationship. What better way to do that than with color?

Gone are the days where a color scheme consists of two main colors and perhaps a few accent colors. Couples are using an array of colors in their wedding decor. Whether it be the couple’s favorite colors, colors that evoke specific emotion or various tones of the most recent color of the year, you don’t have to pick just one or two anymore! (Well, I suppose, you never really had to pick just a few if you didn’t want to… it’s just no longer the “wedding norm.”) Color obsessed couples rejoice!

Want to see what we mean? Here are a few weddings and events we’ve been a part of that opted for a range of colors instead of just one or two.

Jerry Hayes Photography

This wedding at Laguna Gloria opted for shades of purple for their color scheme. We love how the napkins, menus and florals are all different shades of purple but compliment each other perfectly. You could follow this same pattern with any color you wanted and it would be GORGEous!

Stacey Conant Photography

This was a 30th birthday that was nothing less of fun! The birthday girl decided to bring in different colors with balloon decor to add to the birthday festivities. We love the blues and greens mixed in with the different shades of pinks and reds!

Balloons really are a fun and inexpensive way of adding in different pops of color you want to. You could add them as a backdrop, as a ceiling treatment or even within the floral arrangements!

Ailin Hyde Photography

This wedding was for one of our very own, so we’re undoubtedly biased on how much we love it. The couple opted for a dusty ocean blue velvet linen with reds, blues, oranges, and golds for the other colors. See what we mean when we say color is good? Some people may not have thought to use these colors originally, but look at just how FUN it is put altogether! You have no reason to be afraid of using color.

Jerry Hayes Photography

For this dia de los muertos themed event, Epic Event Design really brought the color in. Each place setting utilized a different color napkin and stemmed glass. AND the bright orange florals on the tables brought in even more color. We just love how unique and bright this design is!

Lisa Hause Photography

This event themed “myths and heroes” was actually for a corporate holiday party. Different areas of the event were themed around different myths and heroes, and each “sub-room” brought it’s own wealth of color. Perhaps our favorite, though, were the umbrellas used over the dance floor with the accent lighting. You could use this same inspiration for your wedding or next event, no problem!

Ailin Hyde Photography

This head table was covered in all kinds different colors and we are here for it! Copper & Birch nailed the florals. From oranges, to pinks, to reds and greens with cactus accents, the various colors really spiced up the head table!

Jessica Frey Photography

Need some colorful but moody inspiration? Look no further. From blacks, to blues, to purples to golds. This color palette is a fun one that compliments well, but also a moody one that evokes a dramatic feeling.


See what we mean? Using more than two prominent colors in your color scheme is so fun and can really be tweaked to match you and your vision for your big day perfectly!

Need more inspiration? Follow us on Pinterest to see even more on this trend and others!

Ready to come in and start playing with your color palette and decor? Let’s do it! Make an appointment or stop by one of our showrooms today!

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