Trend watch: gen z yellow

Have you been seeing a golden, mustard like yellow color everywhere lately? Well, you’re not alone. Pantone named this color “Gen Z yellow” and it’s clear that celebrities and couples alike are obsessed with it. We can see why too, it pairs so easily with all kinds of different color schemes and adds a lighter, brighter, happier tone to any color palette it’s in.

Loving this Gen Z yellow but not sure how you can use it in your next event or your big day? Well, we’ve got you covered. Check out some pictures below from events we’ve helped out with that incorporate the Gen Z yellow into the decor perfectly:

Kristina Ross Photo; Unforgettable Floral

Going for a tropical look? How about incorporating some gen z yellow flowers into your centerpiece, much like this design? Don’t be afraid of color! We love the bright colors in this and love how the yellow brings a pop of sunshine into the mix.

Jerry Hayes Photography; Blossom and Bloom ATX/Kitsch Floral

Here is another colorful example of how to incorporate gen z yellow into your centerpieces. Don’t you just love the pop of color the yellow brings to the overall look of the table? We’re #obsessed.

ILEA Holiday 2018-1402
Rachael Hall Photography; The Color Condition

Here is a bit different of an idea… The Color Condition supplies decor like that seen here. Want to dress up the ceiling of your venue or a certain area (over the head table, cake table, sweat heart table, etc.)? This is the perfect way to do that while also adding in the gen z yellow (and any others you want) into your decor!

Jerry Hayes Photography; The Cake Plate

Another way that you can incorporate the gen z yellow is by using the color in your food and desserts much like The Cake Plate did here.

Lisa Hause Photography; Simon Lee Bakery

Or like Simon Lee Bakery did here. We love the idea of doing this- it’s an extension of your color palette and shows that you really paid attention to and thought long and hard about even the smallest details of your big day (even if you didn’t necessarily spend that much time thinking about it).

Jerry Hayes Photography; The Flower Studio

Want to add just a touch of the gen z yellow? A classic yellow rose can do just that.

Premiere-Westwood_Feb2019-39 (1)
Jerry Hayes Photography; The Flower Studio

See what we mean? Whether it’s your main color or an accent color, it has the power to bring your centerpiece to life and give it a perfect pop of color!

As you can see there are a number of different ways to incorporate this trendy yellow into your wedding or event decor. Whether that be with your florals, your bridesmaids dresses, your food and desserts or even you linens, napkins or table runners. The options for including “Gen Z Yellow” into your decor are really endless! We do know one things for sure, using this color will give your decor a pop of sunshine and who doesn’t love that!?

Need even more inspiration? We understand. We went ahead and made a Pinterest board specifically dedicated to this yellow trend for you to use as even more inspiration! Check it out now:

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