You had me at Merlot… Planning an event on the Texas Wine Trail

Nothing is quite as picturesque as a wedding or event set in a majestic vineyard.  Texas is the fifth in the country for wine production with towns like Fredericksburg, Bryan and Grapevine just a hop, skip and jump away, why not plan your next event among the vines.

The awesome part about an event set against such as beautiful background is that there is no need to over decorate.  Using natural décor with just a few nods towards your environment gives you an elevated, casual or not so casual affair.

Photo by Stacey Newgent
Photo by Elizabeth Millay Photography

Adding an item like farmhouse tables or natural wood chairs keeps the look fresh and clean and using greenery reflects back to the vineyard itself.

Photo by Katie Jackson Photography
Photo by Katie Schuler Photography

As far as decorations, a great way to pay homage to the venue and area you are in, without getting too kitschy, is the use of wine barrels.  You can utilize a wine barrel bar as a dessert or appetizer table or as a bar itself.  Wine barrels are also a wonderful way to display a large floral arrangement, use as a sign in table or cocktail table.

Whatever your event may be do not discount the beauty of Texas Wine Country.  There are an abundance of activities for your guests in their downtime, as well as adorable mom and pop hotels and bed and breakfasts.

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