Textures we love

We are all about bringing texture into your wedding or event and a simple, but fun, way to do that is through your linens and/or napkins.
Using textures like our velvet or panama linens adds depth and “pizzazz” to your decor.

Need to see what we mean? Here are some examples of how you can incorporate texture into your table decor:

Caroline + Sam Wedding_Paige Vaughn Photo 0781
Paige Vaughn Photography
Southern Charm Photography
Fairmont Hotel
Christina Carroll Photography
Premiere Events- boa-table-top-9
Honey Gem Creative
Jerry Hayes Photography

See how using a textured linen or napkin adds an extra element into your table decor? Do you love texture as much as we do?

Need even more inspiration? Head over to our Pinterest or come by one of our showrooms to start playing today!

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