Should I have a holiday wedding?


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Happy Fall! Even though we’re not having those crisp mornings and cool evenings here in Central Texas, surely cooler temperatures are on the way. As we look toward November and December, we’re entering peak Holiday . . . and peak engagement season. IF you do receive “the ring” during these next few months, perhaps thoughts of a 2020 “Holiday” wedding will follow. Before you decide that November or December ‘Holiday’ nuptials are right for you, next year or thereafter, here are some pros, cons and considerations.

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Let’s start with the two of you – and what the “traditional” Holidays, whatever your customs may be, mean to you.  Are Holiday celebrations special times for gathering with family, or just another day in the life? Are these special occasions rich with happy memories . . . or not so much? For many, the Holidays are unwelcome and inherently stressful; for others they’re a true delight. If you fully embrace this Season each year, perhaps a November or December wedding plan will be a natural extension of Holiday bliss. IF the Holidays aren’t the best time of the year for you, the added stress of wedding plans and preparations might not be a good strategy.

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When your wedding party or your guest lists includes a significant number of out-of-towners, remember that Holiday travel can be challenging – and expensive. Weather around the country can be dicey, especially in late December. Competing demands to be “home for the Holidays” may keep some guests, and even some close friends, from celebrating with you. On the flip side, many people already have time away from work or school and greater freedom to join you for your special day.

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Before you fall in love with a Holiday date, check with venues, and vendors you’re considering. Dates surrounding major Holidays may be more expensive. You may encounter both limited availability and premium pricing for days like the Friday following Thanksgiving or New Year’s Eve. Some vendors, even your favorites, may “close up shop” during this time. Those that are willing to work on major Holidays may require extra compensation for missing out on their own family occasions.

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Finally, consider that, when you select a “holiday” wedding, your Anniversary will never truly be “just your day”. Year after year, especially as you have children (if that’s your plan) or moms, dads and in-laws spread across the country (or around the globe), you may struggle with competing priorities and find your special day getting lost in the shuffle. To guard against that contingency, you might want to enjoy your own private Celebration on the day you became engaged. Thanks for reading, and as always, I welcome your thoughts and opinions.

-Delores Crum, CERP

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