Wedding ceremony backdrops

If you are planning a wedding, then you have likely toured countless venues looking for “the one,” thought through what your wedding tables will look like, and pinned away countless wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses. Sound familiar? Well, have you thought about what the actual ceremony set up will look like? Sometimes, we find that couples focus so closely on the reception, they often get through planning every other detail and then think, “Oh s***, the ceremony.”

Well rest easy, because we are here to ignite those ceremony decor dreams of yours with some of our favorite pieces! Below are our ideas of what to do with your ceremony backdrop:

Ailin Hyde Photography

How about our Triangle Arch? Simple and modern just by itself, but easily “dressed up” with flowers that match your centerpieces or bouquets.

Anastasia Strate Photography

Or maybe a more “earthy” tone is your jam? Our Tall Boxwood Hedges are perfect for this and you can easily affix a monogram, last name or florals to them to make the background perfectly you!


This is one of our newest pieces and we’re just itching to see pictures of it in use. Much like our triangle arch, this Hexagon Arch is modern and simplistic and can be used as is, but can also we covered in florals or draping to add some romantic elements in!


Leaning toward a more rustic feel? Our Rustic Arbor is perfect for that! Draping and/or florals are the perfect addition to this backdrop, AND there are three different sizes to choose from for this bad boy!

Your ceremony backdrop should get some consideration too, as it will be in pictures of you and your betrothed forever and ever. So stop on by or give us a call, we’d love to help you decide which backdrop would be perfect for your day!

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