Tidewater Tent

It is no secret that we love tents. They come in all different sizes and styles so you can really get exactly the tent you want for your event. One of our favorite tents though? The Tidewater Tents.

Allow us to explain. This tent one of our most “fashionable” tents, in our opinion. It is a pole tent with a twist. The poles inside this tent are powder coated and fashioned to look like wood, and the tops are made out of sailcloth, giving it a beautiful translucent look. Are you starting to envision why we love them so much?

If you are looking for function, any tent will serve that purpose. But if you are looking for something that is eye-catching and has a “finished” look without you having to “dress” it up too much, the Tidewater is the tent for you.

Check out some images of this beaut so you can see exactly what we mean:

ML Photo & Film
ML Photo & Film
ML Photo & Film

Are you starting to see why we love this tent so dang much? Add a few rows of festoon lights for a lively, romantic feel after the sun goes down and call it perfect!

Jerry Hayes Photography
Jerry Hayes Photography
Jerry Hayes Photography
Jerry Hayes Photography
PremiereTidewater-Mercury8-30-19-10 (2)
Jerry Hayes Photography

Our Tidewater Tent comes in three different sizes:

44′ x 43′ Tidewater $2,270.00
44′ x 63′ Tidewater $3,320.00
44′ x 83′ Tidewater $4,380.00

We should warn, this tent is not ideal for when it is extremely hot outside. Because of the translucent nature of the sailcloth top, it acts just like a clear top tent would and traps heat underneath of it, almost like a greenhouse.

So, have we convinced you? Are you ready to book your Tidewater Tent today?

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