Embrace the Unexpected

“There’s always going to be circumstances you can’t plan for.
There’s always the unexpected . . . ~ Jason Silva

“It is the individual’s ability to deal with the unexpected that
characterizes the difference between success and failure.”
~ Ross Perot

“We must stop regarding unpleasant or unexpected things as
interruptions of real life. The truth is that interruptions are real
life.” ~ C S. Lewis


When we’re experiencing them, we’re not always cognizant of the impact –
the relevance – of events as they’re unfolding or moments as they’re
passing. Throughout the course history, lives are indelibly changed by
some seemingly random tragedy playing out on a grand scale. Individually,
our lives are equally subject to the unexpected twist of fate or unforeseen
reversal of fortune, for good or for ill. In the blink of an eye, life as we’ve
known it can be altered profoundly.


How, in retrospect, will mankind regard the COVID-19 pandemic and what,
long term, will the event and its aftermath mean for our nation and our
world. What will be the lasting impact for me and my family, for our
business, our team, our clients and our customers? The only thing we
know for certain about the post-COVID world is that it won’t be the same.

I’m working, consciously and deliberately, on embracing the unexpected
and dealing with it proactively – because failure is not an option. While we
can’t predict the specifics of post-COVID life, here’s what we do know –
‘things’ won’t be the same. So we’re starting to prepare now for a future we
cannot clearly see, a new life that is sure to present changes and
challenges we do not yet know.

But here’s what I am sure of: the PPPEEEZ formula presented in Simple
Strategies will have relevance. I’m certain that Positivity and Persistence
will underpin all post- COVID-19 progress. That Principles will be as important as ever in a post-COVID world. I know beyond a shadow of doubt
that we mustn’t forsake our humanity or abandon the code of proper human
conduct that make our world a kinder, gentler place.

I’m convinced that businesses, and the people who own, operate, populate
and patronize them will need Energy to survive and Expertise to pivot in the
weeks and months ahead. I know that we must manage our own Emotions
during these trying times, and be sensitive to the Emotional needs of those
around us.

And I believe, with all my strength and all my heart, that absent Zeal, we
will not be up to the task or ready for the battle. As Emerson said, “Nothing
great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”. Are you and your family,
your business and your team, your clients and your customers ready for the
change that will inevitably come? Will you boldly go where the future takes
you? Will you embrace uncertainty as a fact of life and utilize the PPPEEEZ
strategies to help make the most of things, even in these trying times? I
hope that I do and that you will too. I’m always ready to continue this
conversation with you . . .

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