Celebrate Your Special Day the Safe (and Sane) Way Part 1


Is it truly possible, absent a COVID-19 vaccine or effective, reliable treatment to safely celebrate your wedding or host a special event? Is there a sane, reasonable way to gather family and friends, in relatively proximity, without taking unnecessary risks or making unwise compromises? This post, and one that will follow tomorrow, suggests some common-sense do’s and don’t’s for marrying, mixing, and mingling during the COVID-19 era.

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Let’s proceed with the hope and belief that, in the coming months, we will continue to be  free, and more importantly, to be willing to hold and attend weddings, parties and special events. Let’s also surmise that varying gathering-size restrictions and social distancing protocols will be in place. What might you expect, under these conditions, if you’re planning, or helping others plan and execute fall, 2020 or spring, 2021 nuptials? Who should you turn to for guidance and support that will help you and your guests celebrate safely and responsibly? Past the overarching health and safety concerns, will you, or you and your “professional team”, still be able to pull off your dream wedding? Let’s explore each of these concerns in turn.

Gathering-size restrictions and social distancing protocols are the obvious starting point. Though the rules are ever-changing, as this post is written, indoor wedding venues are authorized to operate at 50% capacity. Outdoor capacity is unrestricted (save for the statewide 500 person without mayoral approval limit). For everyone’s protection, observing social distancing protocols is essential – even when you haven’t seen Aunt Gracie since you were 10 or hugged Cousin Charlie since high school or seen your college roommate since graduation. Unless a table is occupied by members of the same “family unit”, remember too that the 6’ spread apart rule is recommended and no more than 6 seats per table are allowed. Have basic PPE (disposable masks and gloves, hand sanitizing stations) available and encourage your guests to use them.

ARA launches 'Clean. Safe. Essential.' training certificate ...Perhaps you engaged your wedding vendor dream team prior to the pandemic. If that’s so, check with your venue, your rental provider, your catering professional and others to ensure that cleaning and sanitizing protocols are in place and being followed. At Premiere, we’ve posted our COVID-19 policy statement on our website. Premiere team members have completed the American Rental Associations’ Clean. Safe. Essential training program. Today, and tomorrow, we want you to know Premiere Event is serious about your safety, and about protecting our team.

If you have questions about the precautions we’re taking, or about the safety features (hand-sanitizing stations, PPE, custom masks, etc.) we can help provide for your special day,  please visit our website for details or contact a member of the Premiere Event Consulting team. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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