Celebrate Your Special Day the Safe (and Sane) Way, Part II

In Part I of this Safe and Sane series, we addressed gathering size restrictions and social distancing. Today’s post elaborates on properly socially distanced space-planning options, creative ways to embrace responsible masking and convenient options for “portable” hand sanitizing stations. Let’s Lean In (defined as make an effort; work hard at; show determination and perserverence and experience fully or respond to wholeheartedly) to these three key factors that will enable us to host, and our guests to  enjoy, Safe and Sane Celebrations.

For socially distanced seating, arrangements featuring larger tables (66” or 72” round  rather than the standard 60” round size) can help. These more spacious options allow for the comfortable seating of 6 (the recommended seating limit) non-family-unit guests. Smaller 48” rounds are perfect for family units, and mixing table sizes adds interest and dimension to any wedding or event setting. An event planner or Premiere Events / Premiere Select event rental professional can help create a COVID-friendly layout, just as we did before COVID was a consideration and will after COVID is but a memory.

Templeton Vendor Gallery

Masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and social distancing will likely be with us throughout the year, and perhaps beyond. If you’re of the opinion that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, be creative in designing attractive and interesting reception masks for the wedding couple and wedding party (Premiere’s “sewing department” can help!). Make this element a part of the evening’s décor – and of the fun. Incorporate masking into the motif, or offer a “touchless” mask embellishment station. Wear elegant Gatsby-style gloves for glamour and for protection. Twenty-five years down the road, when you’re celebrating your Silver Wedding Anniversary, you’ll have the best wedding stories ever . . . even if your children do have a hard time understanding the “mask thing”. Here’s a just-out yesterday link to a Texas A & M study that reinforces the efficacy of masking for all.


We’ve always known that ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ . . . but now we know that cleanliness is next to healthiness as well. In fact, we’ve probably all heard more about hand-washing and hand-sanitizing in these past 90 days than in our entire Pre-COVID  lives. Many health experts suggest washing hands at least 10 days a day, depending on the work you do, who you’re with, your daily activities and other related factors. Here’s current CDC hand-washing guidance.


But finding the bathroom and waiting in line at a wedding or event can be inconvenient. Washing your hands and then touching “contaminated” surfaces (or other guests) on the way back to your seat can be compromising. Use of portable hand sanitizing stations, such as the one pictured here (available from Premiere) is far simpler, yet effective. Clean hands help save lives and reduce the spread. In addition, individual (personalized) hand sanitizes make a great wedding favor.

Untitled design (1)Here’s the good news for these difficult times. COVID concerns might make wedding planning more complicated. The virus and its spread may complicate your celebration. But COVID can’t stand in the way of true love. Even a Pandemic can’t keep a happy couple, their family and their friends from enjoying every moment of this most special day. You can have the wedding of your dreams, and celebrate safely and responsibly, if you’re thoughtful and properly prepared. Nothing truly important need change for you or your guests – a magical wedding evening, even with masked celebrants and by standers, is just as meaningful and amazing.

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