Future Wedding Forecast: Tips and Trends, Part II

The crystal ball that would enable us to comfortably predict the wedding and event future  is decidedly cloudy. The whole fabric of our society has been disrupted in recent months and weeks, and today we’re plagued with uncertainty and doubt.  But we do know that  Life, including wedding and event life, Will Go On.

Here are some additional thoughts we’d like to share with you about how we expect (and experts predict) that fall, 2020 and spring, 2021 weddings and events will evolve. For starters, today’s environmentally-conscious wedding couples will be more committed than ever to  “eco-friendly” celebrations. For many, this means banning all plastics in favor of recyclable, re-usable event components. Plastics will give way to ‘real’ (properly cleaned and sanitized) china, glassware and flatware – and even paper or stainless straws. Couples will seek out ways to share florals (with other couples, with wedding guests, with area churches and or elder-care facilities, etc.) and food (donations to area food banks or homeless shelters) with their community.  Particularly socially conscious wedding celebrants may direct all or a portion of their gifting requests to a cause or charity that resonates with them. These are noble ways to make the day about more than “you”; to make a real difference and to set an impacting example for friends and family.

Untitled design (3)

Here are a few details and decor alternatives you can expect to see gracing long-anticipated Fall, 2020 and Spring, 2021 weddings and events. From elaborate chandeliers to “fairy lights” to radio bulbs, statement lighting is a frequently mentioned 2020 – 2021 wedding and event trend. There’s something especially magical about decorative event lighting, and Premiere, along with Premiere Select, has exciting lighting alternatives. If you’re drawn to a sleek, more modern look, lighted cocktail tables and the lighted Premiere water wall are sure to please.

Untitled design (4)

Circular and geometric arches and arbors, along with “life size” picture frames that make those wedding images truly special, will likely be incorporated into 2020-2021 ceremonies, receptions or both. Hedge walls continue to be a popular event backdrop, especially behind an enhanced sweetheart area (a decked out and expanded sweetheart table replacement). Embellished with the couples monogram or other meaningful symbols, this option pays homage to the celebrants unique style and flair.


Expect to see a replacement of the basic white and ivory palette with pastels, including pale hint-of-greens and barely-there-blues. From umber to mustard to daffodil, all shades of yellow are predicted to find their way into both fall and spring color palettes. In attire to linens to draping and more, Al Aqua, Pantone’s 2021 color of the year, will also be dominant in the coming months.

That’s it for now, but we’ll keep you posted as the holiday season approaches and spring 2021 looms on the horizon. Until then, your Premiere / Premiere Select Event Rental Consultant is here, and happy, to help.

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