Ode to the Versatile Tent

Impressive and Inspiring or Fun and Functional , the versatile tent – like tables, chairs and linens – is an adaptable event staple; now, in the COVID event environment, even more so. Tenting answers the question, in the context of fall, 2020 and perhaps spring, 2021 weddings (if social distancing and venue capacity restrictions are still in effect), “What can I do if my venue’s indoor area isn’t sufficient to provide proper social distancing for the number of guests I’ve been planning for?”. A right sized tent, or multiple smaller tents, opens up your options by creatively and attractively incorporating the great outdoors into your wedding plans.


A partially conditioned tent is a particularly welcome event addition when protection from the elements, be they sun and heat in the early fall or light rain and a chill in the air early next spring, is in order. And with Premiere’s standard tent décor packages and custom tent décor selections, your partially tented indoor-outdoor event can be as elegant or as casual as you like.


When the climate is right, Premiere can help create a cozy and comfortable or sophisticated and stylish ceremony setting. Or, by rethinking the entertainment, bar service, lounge area and, if you need it, establishing a “safe zone” for elderly and other at-risk guests, all the indoor venue space can be reserved for properly socially distanced reception seating. Premiere can help by offering digitally created spacing alternatives that maximize the entire available venue area, indoors and outdoors, with tenting and other solutions. From umbrella tables to misting fans, elegant lighting to warmth in fall and early winter, Premiere’s tenting and other outdoor options helps safely expand your venue’s capacity.


Of course, tenting solutions aren’t just for weddings. Whether or not we have “real” sports this fall, televised games, with or without fans in the stands, are best enjoyed in the company of family and friends. A tented tail gate adds an element of “game day” authenticity, while helping provide ample guest spacing and enhancing event safety. From satelite connections to big screen televisions, catering (provided by a preferred Premiere catering professional), lawn games and more, we’ve got the good stuff that entertains your guests and makes you the game day hero.

When you’re ready to move in the tenting direction, we’re here to help. We’ll gladly meet with you, by appointment, in a Premiere showroom, or meet with you virtually via Zoom. If you’d like for our tenting experts to walk the event space with you, we’re happy to do that too. Your Event Rental Consultant will explain terms and conditions of service for on-site work. We look forward to helping you meet your fall, 2020 and spring, 2021 wedding and event rental needs. Supporting safe, responsible celebrations is our goal. Knowledge and proper preparation are the keys. Let’s get the process underway – call, text or email today!

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