Three Trendy Wedding Themes

Trendy – Very Fashionable: Up-To-Date!

You’re certainly under no obligation to give your wedding a theme – “a specific and distinctive quality or characteristic”. In our experience however, couples often opt for a wedding theme. Many select a theme that’s meaningful and personal to them – perhaps one they’ve been thinking of (or dreaming about) even before the wedding details were decided. Other ‘stylish wedding couples’ choose themed wedding design and décor that’s consistent with their personal style, but also expresses a wedding theme that’s in vogue. We hope you enjoy today’s post highlighting three trendy themes and offering ways to make them your own.

Cottage Core Weddings.

“If your social feeds have recently been dominated by quaint countryside vignettes, antique décor inspiration and prairie-style fashion”, the Knot says you’re not alone.” According to Knot wedding experts, “Cottagecore is an aesthetic that celebrates a slower pace of life, rooted in simplicity and nostalgia.” Cottagecore was pandemic-perfect. Cottagecore comfort was a ‘real thing’ during our stay-at-home pandemic days. We enjoyed, vicariously or in the great outdoors, the simple pleasures a cottagcore vibe represents – “a slower pace, earthy flowers, farm animals, homemade crafts and freshly baked goods – like grandma’s, but better! “Visually”, the Knot suggests, “cottagecore is represented by light and airy fabrics, pastel colors and floral prints.” “Feeling cozy is another key descriptor of cottagecore.” One of the best ways to create a warm and cozy cottagecore wedding setting is through tents and twinkly lights – one of 2021’s biggest wedding trends.

Here are some Premiere Events (PE) / Party Time Rentals (PTR) event images depicting cottagecore-compatible rentals. These selections, along with others you may find online (at and http://www.partytime rentals. com), provide perfect cottage-core themed furnishings, table-top elements, décor and more. Looking for something a little different? Talk to a PE / PTR Event Consultant about your special wishes. Discover more about cottage core at

Dark Academia (D A) Weddings.

Edgy with a Gothic twist. “Inspired by classic literature, Greek arts, and couples who envision a moody-yet-elegant wedding day,” Dark Academia, a relatively new addition to the wedding theme scene, is garnering considerable attention. According to the Knot, “#DarkAcademia” has been viewed over 900 million times. That’s a lot of attention for a cutting-edge approach to wedded bliss.
“It’s hard to narrow down the origin of this internet trend”, the Knot continues. “It glorifies the aesthetic of 19th century English boarding schools or Ivy League colleges tucked across New England.” If you’re thinking ‘Harry Potterish’, you’re headed in the right direction. “Some of today’s dark academia aesthetic can be related to the mystical and scholarly themes of that beloved book and movie series.”
Finding an appropriate DA venue, especially classic structures with “exposed brick, cathedral ceilings, stained glass windows and vintage charm” may be challenging in many US cities, but even in Austin, Texas (and outlying areas), it’s possible to locate surroundings that will “bring the mythical, ominous vibes of dark academia to life”.
Once you’ve found (or adapted or created) the right space, you’ll need décor that transports your guests “to Hogwarts or Harvard circa 1930.” An abundance of Black Beauty, Black Magic, or Black Baccara roses provides a lavish D A foundation. Choose D A appropriate furnishings, table top and décor, and viola – you’ve masterfully created a convincing D A space. A “deep color palette with hues like burgundy, charcoal, back or emerald” will add to the mystique. Premiere and Party Time offer a variety of rental options, like those pictured in this post, to help convey the D A vibe.
If you’re interested in summer reading to help get you in a D A mindset , we found this short list of DA themed books.

Eco-Friendly Weddings.

Today’s environmentally-conscious wedding couples are embracing eco-friendliness and incorporating sustainability in deliberate, highly visible ways. Here’s what the Knot advises about hosting eco-friendly, sustainable weddings. “Wedding waste is never in vogue . . . what are some creative ways to bring sustainability to your day? Be conscious about food waste, rent items whenever possible, look for dried flowers or plants that can be kept after the wedding . . .”

The online Brides resource, offers eco-friendly wedding thoughts. “Single-use anything is not good for the environment, so check out websites geared toward renting décor and equipment. Forget plastic glasses in favor of rented stemware – it looks more elegant, too – and forgo paper plates for rented china, It will automatically upgrade your whole wedding look and reduce landfill waste. The same goes for linens. Instead of paper napkins rent linen napkins tablecloths, and runners.
This same source makes additional eco-friendly suggestions that we find worth mentioning.

-Pick an Eco-Friendly Venue
-Marry in the Great Outdoors, and finally,
-Create an Eco-Friendly Registry or opt for a Charity Registry

Eliza Lopez Photos

Making use of rentals is a consistent piece of eco-friendly wedding advice. Here’s Green Wedding Shoe’s online guidance in that regard ( “There are so many rental companies out there with gorgeous pieces to choose from, so unless you’re going to buy things for the wedding and then incorporate them into your home after, it’s better to rent than buy and dump. If possible, avoid disposable dinnerware and opt for rented tableware and assorted goods.” Premiere and Party Time are here to help you make elegant, affordable rental choices like those pictured here – choices that show how deeply you care about creating a “green” wedding experience.
These are but a few of the countless wedding themes this post might have featured. We singled out these three, but whatever theme you choose, or if you elect for no theme at all, we’re here to help. May your wedding be everything you hope for – everything you’ve dreamed of – everything that contributes to your happiness and enriches the guests’ experience. Contact us TODAY to get your wedding rental planning underway— there’s no time like the present and nothing to be gained by waiting!

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