3 Wow Worthy Wedding & Design Trends

Brilliant! That’s our take on the three Wedding Design and Décor elements presented here for your inspiration. We hope you enjoy these wow-worthy trends as much as we do!

Jenna McElroy Photography

1. Tents! Over the past year, while pandemic pandemonium raged around us, tents presented a way for weddings and other events to take place. Tenting became a means of complying with COVID-19 gathering restrictions, allowing many wedding couples to celebrate their special day. At least in some parts of the country, with proper social distancing and masks in place, family and friends were able to partake in the wedding festivities. Through the pandemic experience, we learned that, all decked out in their wedding day best, today’s tented environments are as appealing as any hotel ballroom, as inviting as any reception hall, and as awe-inspiring as any swanky country club.

We also became keenly aware that tenting offers the wedding couple one huge advantage. You get to ‘pick your favorite spot’, then design a tented setting around your individual needs, your unique wants, and your fondest wishes! Decide where you want your wedding ceremony and reception to take place, and with almost no limits, a creative and experienced tent and rental provider can help make the wedding of your dreams happen – right where you want it to be.

Tents are transportable and transformative –traveling venues that open up the universe of location choices. Planning a tented wedding from the get-go gives you maximum flexibility and autonomy, and ensures your special day won’t have that ‘been there – done that’ look and feel. That’s an important part of the decision-making process in opting to create your own space, and another reason many wedding couples are choosing to marry in the great outdoors, but with a tented twist.

Tenting is also a great way to expand your traditional venue’s capacity when you want or need more space. Perhaps you just can’t fit that lounge area or cigar-rolling station or extra bar or whatever ‘it’ might be under your venue’s roof – tenting enables you to give your guests an optimum, uncrowded experience, with protection from the elements in inclement weather. Maybe a place to mingle during the cocktail period, before heading indoors for dinner and dancing, is important to you, and more enjoyable for your guests as well. Premiere Events and Party Time Rentals tent experts can guide you through the tent selection and space planning process that works best for your special day. Contact a Premiere Events or Party Time Rentals Event Consultant today – we’re happy to help! Check out our tent selection HERE!

2. Clear Acrylics! Almost futuristic, clear acrylic wedding design elements are ultra-trendy. Stylistically, acrylic décor is sleek, versatile and fashionable. Premiere Events and Party Time rentals offer a variety of acrylic options for everything from seating to signage to lounge accessories. Most of our pieces can be ‘customized’ – add a monogram to the sweetheart chairs or names (and or roles) to wedding party seating.

Greet your guests with an acrylic seating chart. Place an acrylic cocktail menu at the bar. Use acrylic napkin rings – so suave and so simple. Repurpose those acrylic ‘sneeze guards’, so prevalent during the pandemic, into creative clear acrylic décor. Your imagination is the ticket to the next never-been-done-before bright idea.

The Knot suggests clear acrylics for modern, contemporary chic, minimalist and glam weddings. We agree that this trend lends itself to these themes, but with the right personal touches, clear acrylics can be used for virtually any wedding theme – or no theme at all. Enjoy these clear and classy acrylic images. Search our clear acrylic lucite on the website!

3. Metallics! Gold, we’re told, is back in a big way. Though never actually missing from our wedding repertoire, this classic metal was eclipsed for a bit by rose gold, copper and other metallics. Whatever the hue, according to the Knot, “Metal wedding décor has taken over Pinterest boards everywhere with their cool and yet slightly edgy elegance. Couples are working metallic décor into centerpieces, table décor, and even barware.” Linens with a metallic flair are another way of adding sparkle to a lovely wedding day. Incorporating metallics into the table-top mix is warm, elegant and rich – creating a look that’s both trendy . . . and timeless. You’ve got a myriad of metallic choices at Premiere Events / Party Time Rentals. ‘True-gold, brushed gold, rose gold, we’ve got the golden glow down pat. Silver and black – they’re here for you too! The Knot suggests that “couples are getting creative with their wedding rentals and working in metallic serving ware like copper cups (Moscow Mules, anyone?), gold place settings, and metallic table runners.” AT PE / PTR, you’ll find not only an amazing array of metallic chargers, but a wide selection of metallic embellished dinner plates, salad plates, glassware, and more. The Knot agrees with our sentiment that one can never have too much shine! “Your wedding is the best time to adopt a full glam… look ” Visit us online or be our in-person showroom guest and see our shimmer and sparkles for yourself.

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