Trend watch: moody hues

Mood for 2019? Moody. That’s a thing right? Well, for weddings and events it sure is! One trend that we saw in 2018 isn’t going anywhere for this new year. What is that trend you might be asking? In case the title didn’t give it away, we are spending today’s blog post talking alllll about moody hues.

We love the depth and sass that moody hues bring to weddings. And perhaps one of the best parts? You can incorporate moody hues into your decor, regardless of what season you’re getting married!

Love the idea of moody hues but not quite sure how you can include this trend into your big day? Check out a few pictures below of weddings and events we’ve had the pleasure of being a part of that used moody hues in their decor.

0088_brio photography
Brio Photography, Bella Events

Here we have fall moody and we love everything about this. There are moody and bright and coral tones (hey Pantone color of the year!) present on this table. You might think, just by reading that, that it would be way too many colors and hues going on, but it just works. The deeper tones of the red flowers mixed with the copper tones of the flatware and napkin add the moody hues. To contrast, the bright pinks and yellow/oranges in the flowers add the color pop. Are you as obsessed with this table set up as we are?

Rachel Driskell Photography, Party Time Rentals 

Here is another table set up that incorporates both the moody hues and a pop of color. This set up would be perfect for a summer or spring wedding with the bright colors in the floral arrangement. They opted for a dark linen with equally dark and moody china, glassware and candlesticks. The pinks, yellows and oranges add a nice contrast of color to the deep and dark tones of the table. We also love the metallic and marble tones of this table. It’s moody, colorful and modern and we couldn’t love it more!

haley + andrew wedding129hii
Haley Rynn Ringo Photography, Pearl Events, Michelle’s Patisserie 

This couple brought in moody touches to their dessert table with the candlelight behind the set up, as well as the flowers on the cake and the table that everything was placed on. We love this look because it’s just a touch of moody. If you love the idea of incorporating moody hues but don’t want to go all out moody darkness, this is the perfect way to do that! Also, how delicious do those desserts look? If you’re having a dessert set up like this, we want an invite….

Jessica Frey Photography

This set up included metallic and moody hues. The black plates, with the navy menus and the deep purple floral arrangement were perfectly contrasted by the gold napkins, rose gold flatware and ivory seating. To give this look even more of a romantic vibe, modern, gold votives were added to the tabletop. What do you think? Is this speaking to you?

High Beam Events

Here we have another perfectly moody fall set up. We love the color contrast here. The orange linen contrasts the deep purple napkins and candles perfectly. They decided to bring in gold tones by brush painting pomegranates (what a great DIY idea!) and using gold flatware. The floral table runner that runs down the center mixes in purples, oranges and greens to add complimentary colors, while also brightening it up a bit.

Jerry Hayes Photography

This wedding brought in the moody hues hard. From the romantic candle lighting on the dark brown tables, to the dark grey draping (done by Unique Design & Events) throughout, this definitely screams moody, industrial chic! Have we gotten you on board the “moody hue” train yet?

Jerry Hayes Photography

Is black your favorite color? Then this set up is for you! All black everything, and we love it! From the tablecloths, to the chairs, plates and flatware, this event went for alllll of the black and moody tones. The green moss and clear glassware add a nice break to the monotony of the black.

Feeling inspired? See what we mean when we say you can add moody hues to any theme, season or color scheme?

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