Trend watch: lights, lights, lights

It’s no secret that lighting can add an extra element to your wedding day decor, whether you’re wanting a romantic vibe (think twinkle lights) or a modern vibe (think edison bulbs.) Couples are incorporating lighting into their wedding more and more now, and have even started using personalized light (neon signs, anyone) into their decor.

We love this trend and love the extra romance, color and lightastic (it’s a word, right) lighting brings to the big day’s decor.

Need some examples of different lighting options you can use? You got it. Check out a few images below:


Southern Charm Photography

Caroline + Sam Wedding_Paige Vaughn Photo 0787 (1)

Paige Vaughn Photography


Jessica Frey Photography; Disch Events


Hannah Mayson Photography

MST_7719 (1)

Ladybird Studios


Jerry Hayes Photography; Ilios Lighting

Alyssa + Ryan

Melissa Glynn Photography; Intelligent Lighting Design

Need more inspiration? We have a Pinterest board dedicated just to lighting just for you! Tell us, what’s your favorite lighting set up?

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Trend watch: cornflower blue

Another week, another trend. We’re back and this week we’re focusing on a color we love: cornflower blue. It pairs well with just about every color and color scheme and adds a pop of “calming” to any wedding and event decor.

You can use cornflower blue as your main color, or a color paired with an array of others. You can use it in your linens and napkins, or your china, glassware or florals. The options really are endless and can be uniquely you for your wedding or event!

Check out some examples below of cornflower blue details we love:



Ailin Hyde Photography

Anne + Josh

Diana Ascarrunz Photography

Fairmont Hotel

Christina Carroll Photography


Ten23 Photography


Ten23 Photography

Shop some of our cornflower blue rentals:

Need more inspiration? Head on over to our Pinterest page and check out our board dedicated specifically to this cornflower blue trend!


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New, new, new!

It’s been a while since we updated you all on some of our newest inventory pieces, so we thought we’d take the time to do so today! Take a look at some of our most recent additions below:




Like what you see? Well, we have even more on our website, so head on over to to check it out!


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Fall table inspiration

It’s hard to believe that summer is nearly over. It certainly doesn’t feel that way in the great state of Texas, but in the blink of an eye kids will be back to school, wedding season will be in full swing and it will still be hotter than heck. All this to say, it will be fall before we know it!

Because Fall is right around the corner, we decided it was time to bring you some fall table inspiration. We decided to incorporate Pantone’s color of the year: living coral, into this Fall set up.

Let us know what you think!


The Flower Studio incorporated the ever popular, pampas grass to give this table a true Fall feel with some extra texture, with touches of subtle coral roses throughout.


We paired the table settings with a blush beaded charger, blush and sand satin napkins and a wooden napkin ring to compliment the warm and coral tones of the centerpiece.


We decided to use black flatware to bring in some moodiness and crystal stemware for some added elegance.

Premiere-Westwood_Feb2019-11 (1)

So the question stands… Are you ready for Fall? Because it will be here before we know it! Let’s get together and set up your perfect Fall table.


Photography by Jerry Hayes Photography

Floral by The Flower Studio

Location by Westwood Country Club

Rentals by Premiere Events

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Textures we love

We are all about bringing texture into your wedding or event and a simple, but fun, way to do that is through your linens and/or napkins.
Using textures like our velvet or panama linens adds depth and “pizzazz” to your decor.

Need to see what we mean? Here are some examples of how you can incorporate texture into your table decor:

Caroline + Sam Wedding_Paige Vaughn Photo 0781

Paige Vaughn Photography


Southern Charm Photography

Fairmont Hotel

Christina Carroll Photography

Premiere Events- boa-table-top-9

Honey Gem Creative


Jerry Hayes Photography

See how using a textured linen or napkin adds an extra element into your table decor? Do you love texture as much as we do?

Need even more inspiration? Head over to our Pinterest or come by one of our showrooms to start playing today!

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Trend watch: Balloons

One trend we have been totally obsessed with lately (and clearly event holders have felt the same way) is the balloon trend. You can really use balloons in any portion of your decor. Need to spruce up a ceremony site? How about some balloons in your wedding colors? Want to make a “wow” statement for a venue entrance? Balloons would do the trick.

The list of how you can use them in your wedding or event really goes on and on. I know we seem to say this with every trend, but I really mean it when I say, the world is your oyster with this balloon trend and how you want to incorporate it!

Need some inspiration? We gotcha covered! Check out some pictures below of couples and event holders who have used balloons as part of their decor!


Photograph: Stacey Conant Photography; Balloons: Tres Events

For this 30th birthday, they decided to offer guests tattoos and spruced up the area to do that with our lucite pedestals. The fun thing about these pedestals is that one side remains open, so you can put balloons in there to match your decor! It adds a pop of color and fun to a designated area you want your guests to flock to!


Photograph: Stacey Conant Photography; Balloons: Tres Events


Photograph: Stacey Conant Photography; Balloons: Tres Events



Photograph: Rachael Hall Photography; Balloons: Botanical No. 9

Want to wow your guests as they approach your venue? Why not add some balloons to make a “grand entrance?” We love how this makes a statement, drawing attention to the venue. AND, it’s the perfect backdrop for your guests to stop and take a couple of pictures before they head in!


Photograph: Rachael Hall Photography; Balloons: Botanical No. 9


Photograph: Rachael Hall Photography; Balloons: Botanical No. 9


Photograph: Rachael Hall Photography; Balloons: Botanical No. 9


Photograph: Rachael Hall Photography; Balloons: Botanical No. 9

See what we mean? You can really do anything. Use them in place of flowers, or in combination with them on your tables. Use them as bouquets. Use them for the perfect “Insta” background. There are so many options when it comes to balloons, you can’t go wrong using this trend as part of your decor!

Need more inspiration? Head on over to our Pinterest for even more ways to incorporate balloons into your wedding or event!

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Summer table inspiration

It is officially summertime in Texas, y’all! Well, it’s felt like it for a while now…. but isn’t that usually the case down south?

Because it is officially summer, we thought we’d bring you a little summer table inspiration. Check out pictures from one of our styled shoots below. We teamed up with The Flower Studio, Westwood Country Club and Jerry Hayes Photography for this one!


When we think summertime, we think bright colors. So we used yellows, greens and coral as our color inspiration here. We also opted for a mirror top table because it reflected all of the natural light, making the table set up seem even brighter.

What do you think? Are you having a summer soiree? We’d love to see what you’re using for your inspiration!

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