Celebrate Your Special Day the Safe (and Sane) Way, Part II

In Part I of this Safe and Sane series, we addressed gathering size restrictions and social distancing. Today’s post elaborates on properly socially distanced space-planning options, creative ways to embrace responsible masking and convenient options for “portable” hand sanitizing stations. Let’s Lean In (defined as make an effort; work hard at; show determination and perserverence and experience fully or respond to wholeheartedly) to these three key factors that will enable us to host, and our guests to  enjoy, Safe and Sane Celebrations.

For socially distanced seating, arrangements featuring larger tables (66” or 72” round  rather than the standard 60” round size) can help. These more spacious options allow for the comfortable seating of 6 (the recommended seating limit) non-family-unit guests. Smaller 48” rounds are perfect for family units, and mixing table sizes adds interest and dimension to any wedding or event setting. An event planner or Premiere Events / Premiere Select event rental professional can help create a COVID-friendly layout, just as we did before COVID was a consideration and will after COVID is but a memory.

Templeton Vendor Gallery

Masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and social distancing will likely be with us throughout the year, and perhaps beyond. If you’re of the opinion that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, be creative in designing attractive and interesting reception masks for the wedding couple and wedding party (Premiere’s “sewing department” can help!). Make this element a part of the evening’s décor – and of the fun. Incorporate masking into the motif, or offer a “touchless” mask embellishment station. Wear elegant Gatsby-style gloves for glamour and for protection. Twenty-five years down the road, when you’re celebrating your Silver Wedding Anniversary, you’ll have the best wedding stories ever . . . even if your children do have a hard time understanding the “mask thing”. Here’s a just-out yesterday link to a Texas A & M study that reinforces the efficacy of masking for all.


We’ve always known that ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ . . . but now we know that cleanliness is next to healthiness as well. In fact, we’ve probably all heard more about hand-washing and hand-sanitizing in these past 90 days than in our entire Pre-COVID  lives. Many health experts suggest washing hands at least 10 days a day, depending on the work you do, who you’re with, your daily activities and other related factors. Here’s current CDC hand-washing guidance.


But finding the bathroom and waiting in line at a wedding or event can be inconvenient. Washing your hands and then touching “contaminated” surfaces (or other guests) on the way back to your seat can be compromising. Use of portable hand sanitizing stations, such as the one pictured here (available from Premiere) is far simpler, yet effective. Clean hands help save lives and reduce the spread. In addition, individual (personalized) hand sanitizes make a great wedding favor.

Untitled design (1)Here’s the good news for these difficult times. COVID concerns might make wedding planning more complicated. The virus and its spread may complicate your celebration. But COVID can’t stand in the way of true love. Even a Pandemic can’t keep a happy couple, their family and their friends from enjoying every moment of this most special day. You can have the wedding of your dreams, and celebrate safely and responsibly, if you’re thoughtful and properly prepared. Nothing truly important need change for you or your guests – a magical wedding evening, even with masked celebrants and by standers, is just as meaningful and amazing.

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Celebrate Your Special Day the Safe (and Sane) Way Part 1


Is it truly possible, absent a COVID-19 vaccine or effective, reliable treatment to safely celebrate your wedding or host a special event? Is there a sane, reasonable way to gather family and friends, in relatively proximity, without taking unnecessary risks or making unwise compromises? This post, and one that will follow tomorrow, suggests some common-sense do’s and don’t’s for marrying, mixing, and mingling during the COVID-19 era.

blog image 1

Let’s proceed with the hope and belief that, in the coming months, we will continue to be  free, and more importantly, to be willing to hold and attend weddings, parties and special events. Let’s also surmise that varying gathering-size restrictions and social distancing protocols will be in place. What might you expect, under these conditions, if you’re planning, or helping others plan and execute fall, 2020 or spring, 2021 nuptials? Who should you turn to for guidance and support that will help you and your guests celebrate safely and responsibly? Past the overarching health and safety concerns, will you, or you and your “professional team”, still be able to pull off your dream wedding? Let’s explore each of these concerns in turn.

Gathering-size restrictions and social distancing protocols are the obvious starting point. Though the rules are ever-changing, as this post is written, indoor wedding venues are authorized to operate at 50% capacity. Outdoor capacity is unrestricted (save for the statewide 500 person without mayoral approval limit). For everyone’s protection, observing social distancing protocols is essential – even when you haven’t seen Aunt Gracie since you were 10 or hugged Cousin Charlie since high school or seen your college roommate since graduation. Unless a table is occupied by members of the same “family unit”, remember too that the 6’ spread apart rule is recommended and no more than 6 seats per table are allowed. Have basic PPE (disposable masks and gloves, hand sanitizing stations) available and encourage your guests to use them.

ARA launches 'Clean. Safe. Essential.' training certificate ...Perhaps you engaged your wedding vendor dream team prior to the pandemic. If that’s so, check with your venue, your rental provider, your catering professional and others to ensure that cleaning and sanitizing protocols are in place and being followed. At Premiere, we’ve posted our COVID-19 policy statement on our website. Premiere team members have completed the American Rental Associations’ Clean. Safe. Essential training program. Today, and tomorrow, we want you to know Premiere Event is serious about your safety, and about protecting our team.

If you have questions about the precautions we’re taking, or about the safety features (hand-sanitizing stations, PPE, custom masks, etc.) we can help provide for your special day,  please visit our website for details or contact a member of the Premiere Event Consulting team. Stay safe and stay healthy!

blog image 2

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Take Nothing For Granted

“It’s not a bad idea to occasionally spend a little time thinking about things you take for granted. Plain everyday things.” ~ Evan Davis

delores blog 1

I’m guilty! Guilty of the failure to appreciate, sometimes even to notice just how good I’ve had it – how good we’ve all had it.  By comparison to life in the COVID-19 era, most of us, unless we’re Holocaust Survivors or lived through the Great Depression or endured some personal tragedy that left us with broken bodies or broke spirits – have probably been pretty lucky. Lucky to live in the greatest country in the world, to enjoy personal freedom – freedom of movement, freedom to congregate, freedom to go about our business without interference and unfettered by fear. Where I live, I’ve had the luxuries that liberty affords – the blessings of starting a business from nothing, of marrying the partner of my choosing, of having and raising outstanding children and being a part of the lives of our amazing grandchildren. My family I have been blessed with good fortune in abundance – and from time to time . . . maybe even most of the time . . .  I’ve taken it all for granted.

Unless some set of circumstances, like physical trauma or the death of a loved one or a temporary “reversal of fortune” gave me pause, I’ve gone blithely, maybe even a bit smugly, on my merry way, Reveling in my accomplishments – celebrating what I’ve achieved, little as it may be, but impressive to me from whence I came. Life has been good. And it’s still “good”, but oh so very different.

As an Event Professional, my business has been shuttered, its income stream gone dry. Absent events, we have no earnings capacity. None at all. When people can’t congregate, we can’t operate. Except for those who can “work” from home or perform “Minimum Essential Operations” in our facilities, our team has been furloughed.  We’ve no idea when this will end or how it may profoundly affect us, not just in the short term, but for the long haul. What will life and weddings and celebrations and funerals and festivals and fund raising look like – how different will the events world be? Everything we thought we knew is now called into question. Everything we’d come to count on is in limbo.

But here’s what I do know, I’ll never take my good fortune, experienced in any context, for granted again. And I’ll never fail to sit close to my husband and take his hand or hug my children or hold my grandchildren. I’ll treasure every team member and show them proper appreciation for their efforts and their contributions. I’ll value every client and customer and be thankful for every opportunity to meet their needs. I’ll be more gracious and more helpful. I’ll be kinder and gentler. I’ll be ever so much more aware of what’s really important in this journey we call life.

I’ll remember these dark days, but focus on the lessons learned, not the price paid. I’ll believe, fully and completely, that there won’t be a next time, and that if there is, we’ll be better equipped to find another, better way. I’ll consciously and continually count my blessings. I’ll face the future with hope and courage. I’ll embrace optimism and eschew fear. I hope you’ll do the same.

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Embrace the Unexpected

“There’s always going to be circumstances you can’t plan for.
There’s always the unexpected . . . ~ Jason Silva

“It is the individual’s ability to deal with the unexpected that
characterizes the difference between success and failure.”
~ Ross Perot

“We must stop regarding unpleasant or unexpected things as
interruptions of real life. The truth is that interruptions are real
life.” ~ C S. Lewis


When we’re experiencing them, we’re not always cognizant of the impact –
the relevance – of events as they’re unfolding or moments as they’re
passing. Throughout the course history, lives are indelibly changed by
some seemingly random tragedy playing out on a grand scale. Individually,
our lives are equally subject to the unexpected twist of fate or unforeseen
reversal of fortune, for good or for ill. In the blink of an eye, life as we’ve
known it can be altered profoundly.


How, in retrospect, will mankind regard the COVID-19 pandemic and what,
long term, will the event and its aftermath mean for our nation and our
world. What will be the lasting impact for me and my family, for our
business, our team, our clients and our customers? The only thing we
know for certain about the post-COVID world is that it won’t be the same.

I’m working, consciously and deliberately, on embracing the unexpected
and dealing with it proactively – because failure is not an option. While we
can’t predict the specifics of post-COVID life, here’s what we do know –
‘things’ won’t be the same. So we’re starting to prepare now for a future we
cannot clearly see, a new life that is sure to present changes and
challenges we do not yet know.

But here’s what I am sure of: the PPPEEEZ formula presented in Simple
Strategies will have relevance. I’m certain that Positivity and Persistence
will underpin all post- COVID-19 progress. That Principles will be as important as ever in a post-COVID world. I know beyond a shadow of doubt
that we mustn’t forsake our humanity or abandon the code of proper human
conduct that make our world a kinder, gentler place.

I’m convinced that businesses, and the people who own, operate, populate
and patronize them will need Energy to survive and Expertise to pivot in the
weeks and months ahead. I know that we must manage our own Emotions
during these trying times, and be sensitive to the Emotional needs of those
around us.

And I believe, with all my strength and all my heart, that absent Zeal, we
will not be up to the task or ready for the battle. As Emerson said, “Nothing
great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”. Are you and your family,
your business and your team, your clients and your customers ready for the
change that will inevitably come? Will you boldly go where the future takes
you? Will you embrace uncertainty as a fact of life and utilize the PPPEEEZ
strategies to help make the most of things, even in these trying times? I
hope that I do and that you will too. I’m always ready to continue this
conversation with you . . .

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Dear Industry Friends and Colleagues


Dear Industry Friends and Colleagues,


A month or so ago today, our industry could not possibly have imagined the chaos, confusion and consternation that lay in store for our teams and our companies. Just when you think you’ve seen and lived through it all, from Y2K to 9-11, financial crisis and global depression to seemingly endless Middle-East wars, to Katrina, Harvey, other natural disasters and man-made tragedies worldwide – wait, there’s more. In this 21st century alone, we’ve dealt with HIV/AIDS, Ebola, West Nile Virus, SARS, “Bird” Flu, H1N1, Hantavirus, MERS, Zika, and now, Novel Coronavirus / COVID-19.

Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, the Coronavirus Relief Bill will pass the Senate early this week and be immediately signed by the President. I’m skeptical, though, that small events and hospitality businesses in our community will ever see that illusory “relief”. I fear that some of our friends and colleagues will not be able to “hold out” that long.

So I’m also suggesting that we, as an industry, and as members of NACE, ILEA, MPI, HSMAI, National Restaurant Associations, the Austin DMC Roundtable, AFP and any other industry-related group, take our case for industry relief to the City, County, State and ultimately, to the Nation’s Capitol. Let’s communicate with one another, support one another and commiserate with one another. Let’s share information and perspectives, even among competitors.

Let’s develop a clear and compelling case for an industry “bail out” – surely, no industry was every more deserving of some share of local and state funds earmarked and available for business community support. I don’t know what these specifics look like, but would urge those of you with ties to or influence among our City Council and other local officials to start this ball rolling. At the very least, every organization mentioned here should be part of a letter writing campaign that creates awareness and generates sympathy for our cause.

Above all, let’s stay healthy. Let’s focus on the reality that “that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”, and believe that we will overcome. Whether it’s hype and hysteria or a true threat- whether we look back at this, as a nation and in countries around the world, and say that “we did too little”, or that “we did too much”, I cannot say. But what I do know is that, working together, we can see this through. We can triumph over this adversity, just as we have over past professional and personal challenges.

If there’s any way in which my team and I can be helpful to you and your business, we’re available to chat by phone or exchange emails. Because we have high-risk family members, Richard and I are on partial, self-imposed “lock down”. So I’ve got time on my hands. I hope you and your family stay healthy and safe. Keep the faith.



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Wedding Survival Guide: Bridesmaid Edition

Being a bridesmaid is both a beautiful honor to accept and a great responsibility. As part of the wedding party, you’re on the guest list for all of the wedding events, from the engagement party to the bachelorette party. These expenses and pressures can add up. Follow this guide to ensure you’re prepared and you can enjoy the perks of being a bridesmaid.

Picture1Photo by Katelyn MacMillan on Unsplash

Take Stock

With the number of formal events you’ll have to attend as a bridesmaid, it’s beneficial to take a moment and check out your closet. You might have some dresses or nice shoes hiding in the back of your closet that are waiting for the triumphant moment they get to be worn again. Being within the inner circle of a wedding means you’ll likely be going to an engagement party, a bridal shower, a Bachelorette party, the rehearsal dinner, as well as the actual wedding itself. You can come up with a rotation of what to wear from your existing wardrobe or maybe you just need a few items to get you through this marathon.

Picture2 Photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash

Budget, Budget, Budget

Once you have an idea of what purchases you’ll need to be making, you can make a budget. In addition to clothing or shoe purchases, you may also need to be saving money for the shower gift, the wedding gift, any travel costs and possibly hotel stays. It’s very trendy for bachelorette parties to become an entire weekend trip. If you’re particularly worried about costs, offer to help the maid of honor with planning so you have an accurate idea of the itinerary and the additional costs that might come with this fun-filled weekend. Bachelorette parties may not be the only thing that has changed in regards to a modern wedding. Familiarize yourself and research wedding events so you can be sure that you fully flesh out your budget. The more costs you can anticipate the better!

Picture3Photo by Nik Lanús on Unsplash

Don’t Buy New

People are getting creative to avoid buying full-priced, brand new clothing. A great way to avoid the added expenses of so many typically formal events is to try doing a clothing swap with your friends. Take a look at how other people organize clothing swaps and see what kind of set up would work best for you. Swaps are great if you can find a group of people that can provide a variety of sizes and styles of clothing. If a swap won’t work out due to sizing, or the options just weren’t what you had in mind, consider thrift shopping. Not only does it provide a huge savings opportunity, but you can also find the brands or styles you like when you shop an online thrift store. This is an especially great way to get the formal outfits you might need to make it through all of the wedding-related celebrations. 

Picture4Photo by Beatriz Pérez Moya on Unsplash

Plan Ahead

Get a jump on planning as soon as possible. If hotels need to be booked, or houses need to be rented, doing so early can ensure you take advantage of any room block rates that are available as well as avoiding the possibility that everything gets booked. It is also prudent to stay on top of the registry. Ideally, if you can be one of the first shoppers, you’ll have your pick from all of the items and the ability to select gifts that best fit your budget. As a bridesmaid, you have an in with the happy couple and it should be easy for you to be in-the-know about all the different wedding plans you’ll want to get a jump on. 

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Tidewater Tent

It is no secret that we love tents. They come in all different sizes and styles so you can really get exactly the tent you want for your event. One of our favorite tents though? The Tidewater Tents.

Allow us to explain. This tent one of our most “fashionable” tents, in our opinion. It is a pole tent with a twist. The poles inside this tent are powder coated and fashioned to look like wood, and the tops are made out of sailcloth, giving it a beautiful translucent look. Are you starting to envision why we love them so much?

If you are looking for function, any tent will serve that purpose. But if you are looking for something that is eye-catching and has a “finished” look without you having to “dress” it up too much, the Tidewater is the tent for you.

Check out some images of this beaut so you can see exactly what we mean:


ML Photo & Film


ML Photo & Film


ML Photo & Film

Are you starting to see why we love this tent so dang much? Add a few rows of festoon lights for a lively, romantic feel after the sun goes down and call it perfect!


Jerry Hayes Photography


Jerry Hayes Photography


Jerry Hayes Photography


Jerry Hayes Photography

PremiereTidewater-Mercury8-30-19-10 (2)

Jerry Hayes Photography

Our Tidewater Tent comes in three different sizes:

44′ x 43′ Tidewater $2,270.00
44′ x 63′ Tidewater $3,320.00
44′ x 83′ Tidewater $4,380.00

We should warn, this tent is not ideal for when it is extremely hot outside. Because of the translucent nature of the sailcloth top, it acts just like a clear top tent would and traps heat underneath of it, almost like a greenhouse.

So, have we convinced you? Are you ready to book your Tidewater Tent today?

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Importance of Linens

 Well everyone, it’s that time of the year again! The last Bridal show of 2019 has come and gone, which means Premiere’s annual linen special has begun in case you didn’t know!


With our 2020 linen special in progress, we found it vital to discuss the importance of linens and how they can change the dynamic of any event.

Here is what you need to know…

What’s the best place to start when planning your events? Great question! we believe that selecting the color scheme of your event should certainly be at the top of your priority list.

color paletteNow that you have the color scheme selected, we can dive into the styles/textures you’re in search of to better fit the vibe of your event. The possibilities are relatively endless when it comes to linen selection.

We know that you’re probably thinking that linens are just tablecloths, right? WRONG, linens can be sheer overlays, textural, elegant, print/themed, spandex, table runners, pillows, chair ties, napkins, etc.  There are so many options regarding your linen selection.

Event pros and wedding planners alike can attest that more than any other element, linens can really make or break your event.

It’s important to consider that whether your guests will be sitting around tables for cocktail hour, or enjoying a nice meal at a table, the look of the linens will be front and center throughout the entirety of your event.cocktail hour

Now that we’ve gone over how important linens can be in regards to spicing up your event quite a bit, lets take a look at some of the linen options you’ll be introduced to as you consider what’s best for your event.


Chair Ties: These are a fun and stylish way to spice up your chair selection if you’re balling on a budget in the chair departmentchair ties

Pillows: If you’re renting any couches/furniture these can be a great addition to your design and your guests will definitely appreciate the comfort they bring.


Draping: This is a great way to give your event a stylish and luxe feel. Draping can turn into a variety of options, such as: pipe and drape, tent draping, etc. Regardless of what you’re feeling, this is an effective way to give your event that extra touch you’re looking for.

Table Runner: These will be long lines of fabric that run down the length of your tables, if you’re opting for a cheaper linen, these can really make your table design pop.

table runn

 Thank you for tuning in, & DON’T FORGET! Our linen sale will be going on from January 13th – February 15th, so be sure to come by one of our showrooms and speak to a sales consultant to place your orders!linen sale

Feel free to peruse our website for your perfect linen or just to start gathering inspiration: https://premiereeventsonline.com/linens/

We can’t wait to help you with all of your future event needs 🙂

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Wedding ceremony backdrops

If you are planning a wedding, then you have likely toured countless venues looking for “the one,” thought through what your wedding tables will look like, and pinned away countless wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses. Sound familiar? Well, have you thought about what the actual ceremony set up will look like? Sometimes, we find that couples focus so closely on the reception, they often get through planning every other detail and then think, “Oh s***, the ceremony.”

Well rest easy, because we are here to ignite those ceremony decor dreams of yours with some of our favorite pieces! Below are our ideas of what to do with your ceremony backdrop:


Ailin Hyde Photography

How about our Triangle Arch? Simple and modern just by itself, but easily “dressed up” with flowers that match your centerpieces or bouquets.


Anastasia Strate Photography

Or maybe a more “earthy” tone is your jam? Our Tall Boxwood Hedges are perfect for this and you can easily affix a monogram, last name or florals to them to make the background perfectly you!


This is one of our newest pieces and we’re just itching to see pictures of it in use. Much like our triangle arch, this Hexagon Arch is modern and simplistic and can be used as is, but can also we covered in florals or draping to add some romantic elements in!


Leaning toward a more rustic feel? Our Rustic Arbor is perfect for that! Draping and/or florals are the perfect addition to this backdrop, AND there are three different sizes to choose from for this bad boy!

Your ceremony backdrop should get some consideration too, as it will be in pictures of you and your betrothed forever and ever. So stop on by or give us a call, we’d love to help you decide which backdrop would be perfect for your day!

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Should I have a holiday wedding?



Jerry Hayes Photography

Happy Fall! Even though we’re not having those crisp mornings and cool evenings here in Central Texas, surely cooler temperatures are on the way. As we look toward November and December, we’re entering peak Holiday . . . and peak engagement season. IF you do receive “the ring” during these next few months, perhaps thoughts of a 2020 “Holiday” wedding will follow. Before you decide that November or December ‘Holiday’ nuptials are right for you, next year or thereafter, here are some pros, cons and considerations.

AustinCountryClub Christmas-17

Let’s start with the two of you – and what the “traditional” Holidays, whatever your customs may be, mean to you.  Are Holiday celebrations special times for gathering with family, or just another day in the life? Are these special occasions rich with happy memories . . . or not so much? For many, the Holidays are unwelcome and inherently stressful; for others they’re a true delight. If you fully embrace this Season each year, perhaps a November or December wedding plan will be a natural extension of Holiday bliss. IF the Holidays aren’t the best time of the year for you, the added stress of wedding plans and preparations might not be a good strategy.


Jerry Hayes Photography


When your wedding party or your guest lists includes a significant number of out-of-towners, remember that Holiday travel can be challenging – and expensive. Weather around the country can be dicey, especially in late December. Competing demands to be “home for the Holidays” may keep some guests, and even some close friends, from celebrating with you. On the flip side, many people already have time away from work or school and greater freedom to join you for your special day.

ILEA Holiday 2018-1336

Rachael Hall Photography

Before you fall in love with a Holiday date, check with venues, and vendors you’re considering. Dates surrounding major Holidays may be more expensive. You may encounter both limited availability and premium pricing for days like the Friday following Thanksgiving or New Year’s Eve. Some vendors, even your favorites, may “close up shop” during this time. Those that are willing to work on major Holidays may require extra compensation for missing out on their own family occasions.


Jerry Hayes Photography

Finally, consider that, when you select a “holiday” wedding, your Anniversary will never truly be “just your day”. Year after year, especially as you have children (if that’s your plan) or moms, dads and in-laws spread across the country (or around the globe), you may struggle with competing priorities and find your special day getting lost in the shuffle. To guard against that contingency, you might want to enjoy your own private Celebration on the day you became engaged. Thanks for reading, and as always, I welcome your thoughts and opinions.

-Delores Crum, CERP

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